This site is now closed.

As the owner of the domain name "", which has been used in recent times by another person, it's time for me to take back control of that domain name and my own reputation.


About 19 years ago (give or take a few), I registered the domain name "" with the intention of making it available to all of the wonderful people who were spending a LOT of time and effort creating fan websites dedicated to our favourite musician, Gary Numan. I reserved the website "" and "" as something of a general page, that would direct people to both these fan-created sites, as well as Gary Numan's own official site. Sub-sites would be prepended with the name of the site - for example, my own site was "" (it was fancifully called "The World Wide Webb"), "", and so on. One of them was "" and was operated by someone who has promoted Gary's efforts since the late 1980's, and who was a genuine asset to our community.

Over time, interest in my services waned. Indeed, I stopped updating my own site around 2000 or so. Eventually I shut down most of those subsites, but one site - "themachman" - continued to thrive. I eventually decided to give that site "centre stage" and caused both "" and "" to point directly to this site. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and I still don't regret making that decision.

The person who ran that site is - I must emphasize - at heart a good person. I genuinely believe that - I've seen their good side on many occasions and was proud to call them my friend. However, in recent times, they have suffered a series of setbacks. They have lashed out, one by one, at their supporters - including myself. I found myself the target of about 300 nasty Facebook posts over a 3-4 day period in 2016, and decided it was time to walk away from the friendship. But because of a sincere promise I'd made, I allowed them to continue using my domain name. Promises are promises, after all.

But their behaviour continued and became increasingly erratic. They would bounce back and forth between "lucid and contrite" to "over the top nasty" and this was putting their friends and supporters in a very awkward position - support them, or condemn them?

This has culminated, finally, in a series of nasty tweets in which they have viciously attacked Gary Numan's wife Gemma on Twitter (and to a lesser extent, Gary himself). And I have now decided - promise or no promise, I can't passively condone this behaviour anymore.

To that end, I've redirected the domain name to THIS page and withdrawn the use of my domain name to anyone other than myself and a couple of other people who are still using the sub-sites. Note that this person's website still continues to exist (on another server) and will likely reappear using another domain name - fair enough, I can't control that and don't wish to. But I have my own reputation to think of, and every day that I continue to passively support this person's activities is another day that my own reputation gets tarnished. Enough is enough.

So the website now directs here, and this person's email account ( will cease to exist as of January 31st 2017. (Please, my friend.... take notice and make other arrangements)

One final note....

I still genuinely care for this person. But I've got a LOT of experience with people with mental illness, and this is a very classic case of paranoia (and a few other things). I genuinely hope that, one day, they realize that they need professional help, and reach out for it.

I apologize to anyone I've offended over the past couple of years while trying to defend this person and their activities. Sometimes friendship means you support them no matter what, and I am guilty of that. Now, my blinders are off.


Josie (formerly Joey) Lindstrom - January 3rd, 2017

PS to Gary Numan or anyone affiliated with him and/or his management - at some point in the future, I will be redirecting this website directly to Gary's official site. I can't give up the domain name because I use it for a few other purposes, but the web side of things will be available to you to use as you see fit (with my coordination) - feel free to contact me at

PPS to my friend - if you need me to zip the contents of your "retro" site for download and installation elsewhere, please contact me - I can accomodate this requirement.